VersaTron - Sound Energy. Sound Horse. Sound Return.

Get yourself a Champion! The VersaTron electrohydraulic, focused shock wave is unmatched

High-Energy, Focused Shock Waves at all Energy Settings!

VersaTron® generates the highest peak pressure (energy) shock waves of any system and delivers to the largest focal volume - so it's the ideal system for treating orthopedic conditions.

Energy is released as a shock wave at tissue interfaces where the density of the tissue or impedance of the sound waves changes. These changes of impedance occur where soft tissue, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and bone meet. The energy released leads to a cellular reaction that causes the release of various proteins including BMP-2, eNOS, VEGF, and PCNA. Neovascularization takes place, leading to increased blood supply to the treated tissue, resulting in tissue regeneration in tendons, joints, and bone.

Penetration depth directly impacts your ability to treat multiple indications

VersaTron® allows for customized penetration depths up to 110 mm, deeper than any other device. So, you can tailor the treatment for a chronic wound, a suspensory ligament or a sore back.

The 5 mm, 20 mm, 35 mm and 80 mm trodes allow shock waves to penetrate to different depths while various energy settings for each Trode allow further customization.

Studied More. Proven Effective.

The VersaTron® is the leader in shock wave technology with more than a decade of clinical research validating efficacy - unmatched by an other system. This research led to coverage by insurance companies for up to 3 treatments for a given indication.

Backed by Many

VersaTron® is used at more veterinary universities and clinics worlwide. It is also the Official Shock Wave technology of the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF). A superior technology that is with you for the long haul

VersaTron® utilizes superior shock-generating technology that has been proven to deliver high-energy waves at all settings - so the long-term durability and reliability of the system stands the test. Devices first sold in 2002 are still being used after thousands of treatments.

Return on Investment and Unsurpassed Support

Just 3 treatments a month covers the monthly cost of the device. And, ongoing growth potential is backed by our investment in your success:

  • Educating horse owners on the technology through marketing campaigns and client education forums
  • Ongoing investment in research on new indications/treatment opportunities
  • Training of veterinarians and staff to better utilize shock wave to generate revenue

NOT all shock wave is created equal. To better understand the different types and to further validate the VersaTron as the gold standard you may want to review the physics behind shock wave "energy healing". Click here for more information

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Our Testimonials

He was doing better after the first (shock wave) treatment, but then after the second treatment, the owner called me up and said he was running around like a puppy and putting full weight on the leg.

A. Looney, DVM

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Mechanism of Action

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Treatment with VersaTron sound energy technology for various musculoskeletal injuries causing chronic pain and lameness in horses and dogs.

Treatments can be used in combination with or as a substitute for anti-inflammatory drugs, surgical intervention and physical therapy.

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