The leader in veterinary shock wave technology

The leader in veterinary shock wave technology

Smaller. Faster. More Powerful. Easier to Use.

Whether you’re a horse owner, vet, or dog owner, we’re here to offer your animal an effective, non-invasive treatment option for pain and/or lameness. Select the category that best applies to you to explore and learn more about the benefits of shock wave therapy.

Easier to Use: Touch screen, Bluetooth operated, swivel display screen

Faster: Up to 480 pulses per minute to allow for quick treatments

More Powerful: Validated to correspond to power settings of PulseVet’s previous shock wave device, VersaTron – the most clinically proven shock wave device in veterinary medicine

Smaller: Less than half the size of other electrohydraulic devices

Sound Wave Healing Without the Sedation

Now the most clinically proven energy-based therapy in veterinary medicine is more accessible than ever! PulseVet’s newly engineered X-Trode handheld device flattens the energy distribution curve, enabling the sound wave energy to cover a larger volume of tissue with reduced peak energy, making treatments more comfortable than ever.

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VersaTron® shock wave device is often imitated but remains unmatched in clinical research, quality, and effectiveness in the treatment of over 20 equine indications. VersaTron® generates the highest peak pressure (energy) of any system with the largest focal volume, ideal for treating deep orthopedic conditions in horses. The focused energy increases blood supply to the treated area, resulting in tissue regeneration in tendons, joints, and bones.


The VersaTron 4 Paws high-energy, focused sound wave therapy, sometimes referred to as “shock wave therapy,” offers a non-invasive treatment option for dogs and cats. The sound waves, also called pulses or shock waves, travel through soft tissue at customized depths, reaching a specific treatment area and trigger the body’s own repair system. The energy stimulates the regeneration process at a cellular level, releasing proteins that accelerate healing.

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