Smaller. Faster. More powerful. Easier to use.

By PulseVet

Smaller. Faster. More powerful. Easier to use.

Easier to Use: Touch screen, Bluetooth operated, swivel display screen

Faster: Up to 480 pulses per minute to allow for quick treatments

More Powerful: Validated to correspond directly to current VersaTron settings, 
plus two additional higher energy settings for optimal results

Smaller: Less than half the size of other electrohydraulic devices

More Portable: The most portable veterinary shockwave system available. Weighs 36lbs in the case, measures just 10”x12

Why Choose Pulsevet?

Modern, User-Friendly Interface

The Pulsevet device is smaller and easier to use with features such as a swivel screen for easy viewing, BlueTooth operation, and preset treatment parameters for various indications.

Studied More. Proven Effective.

We have all of the clinical research behind the technology of the VersaTron, and the Pulsevet has been validated to correspond directly to current VersaTron settings (with two additional settings).

Customizable Penetration Depth

Using various sizes of trodes and energy settings on the device, Pulsevet allows for customized penetration depths up to 110 mm, deeper than any other device. The treatment can be modified to treat a chronic wound, suspensory ligament, or a sore back.

Unsurpassed Support
PulseVet is committed to providing the very best service and ongoing support for its veterinary partners. Our global marketing outreach educates veterinary staff and animal owners on the benefits of shock wave technology via numerous educational campaigns and client information forums. PulseVet also provides on-site training for vets and staff regarding treatment applications and revenue growth opportunities.