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We take your feedback seriously


We take your feedback seriously.

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The use of the XTrode for small animal patients has been so successful that our doctors can’t put this modality down! Pet parents are so relieved to know their fur babies can still receive the benefits and excellent healing from electrohydraulic sound wave therapy and do not need sedation for treatment. With the increased compliance to follow treatment protocols, we are seeing faster recovery from injuries and more consistent pain management for chronic conditions like osteoarthritis which translates into happier families!

Kristen L. Hagler, BS, RVT, VTS (Physical Rehabilitation), CCRP, CVPP, OACM, CBW, VCC

“About 80 percent of animals show marked improvement post treatment. There are no negative side effects as one might experience with surgery or drug therapy.”

Dr. Jeffrey Smith

former President, California Veterinary Medical Association, Middletown Animal Hospital in Middletown, CA

Thanks to the X-Trode and being able to use shock wave therapy without sedation, we have cut much fewer shoulders and opt to shock wave them as a first-line treatment
Dr. Marti Drum, DVM, PhD, DACVSMR

I have been very happy with the X-Trode and the results it produces without requiring sedation. We are definitely using shock wave to treat more cases now and I am pleased with the way it has changed our practice
Dr. Alan Cross, DVM, DACVS

Past-President VOS

Before the X-Trode, I would only shockwave an Osteoarthritis case if it was a single joint that was severe, but now that we have the X-Trode, we don’t even put the machine away during the day. At our practice with 3 General Practitioners, we can find 10 ways to use it in one day. Any General Practitioner could use PulseVet shockwave to make a significant difference in their patient’s care and set themselves apart from other practitioners.

Dr. Pam Nichols

“VersaTron shock wave can help decrease pain and inflammation of OA and help heal ligament and tendon injuries. But look what it can do for bone healing. I can say I and the referring veterinarian were both pleasantly shocked at the results of VersaTron shock wave on a delayed union. This black lab was found hit by a car with a fractured femur at 5 months of age. By the time he was found and went to surgery, the fracture was at least 7 days old.”

Dr. Douglas Stramel, DVM

Advanced Care Veterinary Services, PulseVet customer since 2013

“Diesel is now able to play and go for walks and some days he overdoes it trying to keep up with the puppy, but he’s happy! He is pain-free! He can be a dog again…”

K. Dietz

Dog Owner in Wisconsin

For elbow cases, PulseVet shock wave is my top choice. It’s easy, quick and the owners can take their pet home right away since they aren’t sedated. I find the patients are a lot more comfortable after a shock wave treatment and I can do a lot more with them earlier in their rehabilitation compared to if I was just using laser or therapeutic ultrasound
Dr. Carolina Medina, DVM, DACVSMR, CVA, CVCH, CVPP

Past-President AARV

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