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We take your feedback seriously


We take your feedback seriously.

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“We use the PulseVet ProPulse shock wave system regularly in the management of sport horses in our practice. Early application following injury can help reduce edema and pain, two important initial steps in starting the healing process. It is also an effective tool in addressing the limitations of mobility associated with back issues such as spasm, strain, or arthritis-related discomfort, helping a sport horse return to an optimal level of performance.”

Dr. Timothy R. Ober, DVM, MRCVS

US Show Jumping Team Vet, PulseVet customer since 2009

“PulseVet has been an industry leader for over a decade, their product is reliable and service has been excellent. The new product (ProPulse) is more compact and very user friendly. I am very happy with the results. In my opinion, this is the market leader in shock wave therapy. PulseVet provides an excellent product that is both easy to use and reliable.”

Dr. Richard Wheeler

Partner, Palm Beach Equine Clinic, PulseVet customer since 2005

“I have taken horses to a higher level of competition with the use of Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT). After owning a ProPulse VersaTron for one year, I have seen an increase in performance and a shortened duration of healing in a number of the cutting horses I treat.”

Dr. Molly Bellefeuille, DVM

Owner - Northern Star Equine Veterinary Services, PulseVet customer since 2017

“I have experience using both focused shock wave and radial presure wave (also marketed as shock wave) and there is no comparison in long term healing or short term soundness results. Focused shock wave works, radial pressure waves do not.”

Dr. Brad Cumper, DVM

Owner - Saginaw Valley Equine Clinic; Partner - Game Time Sports Medicine; Official Veterinarian of the All American Quarter Horse Congress, PulseVet customer since 2011

“Every circumstance, diagnosis, and treatment plan differs, but the focus is on the welfare of the horse as well as helping the horse compete to its best abilities while remaining injury-free. Utilizing PulseVet shock wave therapy is an essential component to preparing our teams for the world stage. From injury rehabilitation to continued maintenance, US Equestrian appreciates the efforts of Pulse Veterinary Technologies, LLC as they continue to research and develop technologies that can support our veterinarians and help our equine partners.”

Dr. Christina "Cricket" Rusillo

Virginia Equine Imaging

“PulseVet shock wave therapy has been a complete game-changer in my program! Not only do I routinely advocate for it in my practice, I also utilize it on my own horses. I have no doubt it helped “Peso” in achieving our National and World NRCHA titles. I recommend PulseVet for all my performance horse clients!”

Dr. Kat DeHaan, DVM

Owner - Equistride Veterinary Services, LLC, PulseVet customer since 2017

“My experience with focused shock wave healing for thoracolumbar pain has demonstrated a significant improvement after just one treatment.”

Dr. Kent Allen, DVM

Owner, Virginia Equine Imaging, PulseVet customer since 2013

“At our mixed animal practice, we have had tremendous success with the PulseVet shock wave system. The majority of our success has been with our equine clients who ride in a variety of disciplines (dressage, hunter/jumper, roping, barrel racing, racehorse, and draft). Not only have we had excellent results in terms of patient response to treatment, but we have found shock wave to be an excellent way to maintain continued contact with our clients on a monthly basis. Shock wave has become an important addition to our therapeutic options and we continue to find new applications for it on a daily basis.”

Dr. Sam Johnson, DVM

Owner - Glenwood Veterinary Clinic, PulseVet customer since 2019

“We have been delighted with the new ProPulse from Pulse Veterinary Technologies. The increased power setting and increase in the number of shocks per second have allowed us to be able to add different options to our treatment regimes.. It is easier to use with the decrease in weight, and having the on/off button in your hand is a game changer.”

Dr. Alan Manning, M. Sc., DVM; Dr. Emily Jantzi, DVM, COAC; Dr. Paige Manning, DVM

Owner and Associates, Manning Equine Veterinary Service, PulseVet customer since 2009

“We have used the VersaTron shock wave since 2010 and continue to see amazing results with equine lameness cases – shortened recovery time and improved range of motion. We are so excited with the results that we are now using it on our canine friends. Treating osteoarthritis with the VersaTron has dramatically decreased or eliminated the use of pain medication.”

Dr. Joanna Bronson, DVM

Bronson Veterinary Services and Resident Veterinarian of BSB Quarter Horses, PulseVet customer since 2009

“I recently had the opportunity to use our VersaTron unit on a developing fibrotic myopathy case. The patient had injured the hamstring region approximately one month prior and the owner had noticed a large, fibrous feeling scar developing at the base of the hamstrings. After consultation with Trudy Gage at PulseVet, we elected to utilize shock wave therapy to assist in healing and help to reduce the amount of scar tissue developing. I was thrilled with our outcomes, over the course of 3 treatments we were able to eliminate all detectable scar tissue in the region. I had hoped to maintain muscle function but had not expected this amazing turn around. The owner reported notable scar reduction after each treatment! The horse has now fully healed and is having no hind end issues including never having developed the classic slapping fibrotic myopathy gait. I could not have hoped for a better outcome for my patient and client!”

Dr. Megan Fine, DVM

Associate, Ottawa Valley Large Animal Clinic, PulseVet customer since 2010

“I am extremely satisfied with my new shock wave unit. The ProPulse is small, easy to travel with and easy to operate. The team at PulseVet is always ready to help me and is easy to reach. They will answer any questions I have from operation of the machine to purchasing questions.”

Dr. Kimberly Bordeleau, DVM

PulseVet customer since 2013

“Focused, extracorporeal shock wave treatments effectively reduce pain and accelerate healing. I have seen shock wave cut healing time in half in a majority of cases.”

Dr. Tracy Turner, DVM, MS, DACVS

Turner Equine Sports Medicine and Surgery, PulseVet customer since 2016

“VersaTron shock wave can help decrease pain and inflammation of OA and help heal ligament and tendon injuries. But look what it can do for bone healing. I can say I and the referring veterinarian were both pleasantly shocked at the results of VersaTron shock wave on a delayed union. This black lab was found hit by a car with a fractured femur at 5 months of age. By the time he was found and went to surgery, the fracture was at least 7 days old.”

Dr. Douglas Stramel, DVM

Advanced Care Veterinary Services, PulseVet customer since 2013

“In my experience, shock wave can significantly reduce or completely resolve radiographic OC lesions.”

Dr. Reese Hand, DVM, DACVS

Equine Sports Medicine & Surgery, PulseVet customer since 2009

“I have been a firm believer in shock wave therapy for all my horses, whether they do Adult Amateurs or Grand Prix. PulseVet’s technology has given me the most satisfactory results.”

Melissandre Lincourt

Owner & Rider, Melissandre Lincourt Stables

“I have extensive experience using VersaTron and now ProPulse shock wave therapy with Dr. Kent Allen for Donner. From rehabbing injuries to ongoing maintenance, the results have been truly miraculous. We only trust PulseVet in my stable for our shock wave needs and find it to be a necessity at this level of competition.”

Lynn Symansky

Owner & Rider, Lynn Symansky Equestrian

“Learning about the various uses of PulseVet shock wave with Dr. Molly J. Bellefeuille, DVM, has totally changed my program. I have had speedy recoveries, and increased flexibility in backs, necks and shoulders. Using PulseVet gives me the assurance that I can get the job done in the show pen.”

Michael Cooper

NCHA Hall of Fame member, Trainer, Rose Valley Ranch

“Caring for “Too Sleepy to Zip”, and all horses in our care, is a serious responsibility. Just as we strive to provide the best feed, veterinary and farrier care, we choose our shock wave therapy in the same way. That’s why PulseVet has been a game changer in our program and is used regularly. Not all horses are the same, not all shock wave is the same …. PulseVet is OUR CHOICE!””

Shelley Donovan

Owner, BSB Quarter Horses

“Keeping my horses sound and safe is always a major priority. The results I’ve seen with the PulseVet shock wave have been an ABSOLUTE game changer!”

Matt Mills

Trainer, Matt Mills Reining Horses

“About 80 percent of animals show marked improvement post treatment. There are no negative side effects as one might experience with surgery or drug therapy.”

Dr. Jeffrey Smith

former President, California Veterinary Medical Association, Middletown Animal Hospital in Middletown, CA

“Dr. Bruce Buenger, DVM, Washington Animal Clinic, Brenham, TX is part of Jayci’s winning team, providing PulseVet shock wave to help heal common sports injuries and as part of a maintenance routine, giving Jayci a competitive advantage in the arena. “I can feel the difference since adding PulseVet shock wave to our maintenance routine. My horses are moving better and staying sound and comfortable, resulting in happier, better performing horses.”

Jayci Byler

Champion Barrel Racer, PulseVet customer

“Diesel is now able to play and go for walks and some days he overdoes it trying to keep up with the puppy, but he’s happy! He is pain-free! He can be a dog again…”

K. Dietz

Dog Owner in Wisconsin

“My 20-year old Irish Sport horse suffered a suspensory injury last August coming off of a large jump. After only a few sessions of shock wave we are now trotting! We are ahead of the vet’s prediction by about 3-4 months!”

C. Bileddo

Horse Owner From Illinois

“Keeping my horses sound and happy is always a priority. PulseVet shock wave has been an integral part of our program, from rehabbing injuries to ongoing maintenance. The results are amazing!”

Isabel Cumper

Champion Barrel Racer

“Thanks to Dr. Brad King, King Veterinary Service, in Indiana, for providing PulseVet’s VersaTron shock wave. PulseVet helps ensure our horses are comfortable and performing with the movement the judges appreciate and reward. We use shock wave successfully as part of our routine maintenance program.”

John Lorton


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