It’s that time of the year again – spring training! In order to prepare for shows and events, equine athletes across the globe risk suffering from potentially career-ending injuries. Equine sports medicine veterinarians universally agree that during this time of year they will see an increase in horses with sports injuries.

Suspensory ligament injuries in particular often result in stall rest and the immediate discontinuation of training and performing. However, suspensory injuries do not have to be the end of your horse’s career. Electrohydraulic Shock Wave Technology utilized in PulseVet’s VersaTron and ProPulse shock wave devices has become one of the most standard and reliable forms of care for suspensory injuries at top equine hospitals and universities.

Since 1999, this technology has been widely and thoroughly studied and proven to be an effective and extremely beneficial form of treatment for several different kinds of injuries. Shock wave therapy uses sound energy, which has the ability to accurately penetrate deep into tissue to reach the point of concern. Unlike in other kinds of regenerative treatments, such as laser therapy, energy is not lost at the surface of the tissue with shockwave technology. This non-invasive treatment can not only shorten the healing period by about fifty percent but also has an analgesic effect that helps with pain management. Using shock wave therapy can also reduce the need for pain medications, thereby reducing the risk of ulcers which may form as a side effect of those pain medications and reducing the cost associated with those medications. On top of that, PulseVet shock wave is covered by equine medical insurance!

This fast treatment is administered by a licensed veterinarian and requires light to no sedation depending on the horse’s sensitivity to noise (the pulses emitted by the shockwave machine can be quite loud, and mildly uncomfortable). The typical suspensory injury requires only three treatments administered approximately two weeks apart. Many top sports medicine veterinarians now choose to combine ESWT with PRP or stem cell therapy to enhance the benefits of both modalities.

PulseVet’s shock wave technology can be used to treat a variety of injuries, and is also the perfect maintenance tool to optimize movement and manage areas of chronic concern, such as back and heel pain, keeping your equine athlete happy, healthy, and ready to perform.

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